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I have a 1961 John Deere 3010 Utility Diesel tractor.  The engine had a rod knocking, I had the engine rebuilt.  Wow, what an expense to do.  I have hopes of completely restoring this tractor someday, I just love the size and power it has.  Such a nice tractor for work on a small farm.  It also has a 46 loader which was originally a trip bucket but I have converted it to a hydraulic bucket.  The front tires are probably 99%, the rear are about 80%.  There are no factory remote outlets, but I have included a set on the loader controls.  I've been able to restore the fenders, hopefully in the spring I can include some photos of those.  The next project should probably be a new right hand rear tire, then the front steering motor and bushings.

I've had to do a complete rewiring.  So much fun.  You can follow my progress on http://charliemckinley.com/wordpress

A brief synopsis of the rewiring.  My first suggestion is to check your regulator.  Make sure it is clean, not corroded and functioning properly.  Had I done this, I'd have saved a generator and a battery.  Had I checked it five years ago, I may have put off the complete rewiring for another 5 years or so.  But I am pleased as can be that it is now rewired.  I found a few things that also may help someone else.

  1.  3010/Gary_Wece_Wire_Diagram_colored.pdf this diagram is perfect.  This is exactly how my tractor needed to be wired.
  2. JD_Light_Circuits_partially_colored.jpg, JD_Starting_Circuits_colored.jpg and JD_Wire_Paths.jpg are perfectly fine diagrams from John Deere if you buy their wiring harnesses for $550 plus.  I was able to use these to do a partial comparison with Gary Wece's diagram to feel very confident in Gary's work.

Serial Number 3010 14T15401

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